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Rank Rocket™ Technology

Rank Rocket™ technology is a process developed by Spinjutsu for producing articles with improved inherent ranking potential of their own, and the ability to make contained hyperlinks more powerful in the eyes of search engines like Google in terms of their ability to cause the target linked page to rank higher in search results, by using our article creation engine to create rich HTML articles that contain relevant subheadings, bullet points, and curated content.

When creating backlinks, user should achieve better results with Rank Rocket™ technology, when used correctly, compared to plain text articles.


We conducted extensive testing and have proven that, when used correctly, subheadings in an article can make a backlink much more powerful than if the article did not have the related subheading. Spinjutsu Studio Pro was the first industry solution for automated content creation that was designed from the ground-floor around the idea of ensuring that subheadings would be part of the articles created by the tool.

Notably, in our testing, subheadings were found to be so powerful that they can improve rank in as little as 48 hours when used correctly.

Bullet Points

Nobody wants to read a big block of boring text. Search engines KNOW that users prefer to read rich HTML content that has visual variety. And if there's one thing we all love - something that helps us digest written material more easily - it's bullet point lists. The unordered list bullet point spinner in Spinjutsu Studio Pro enables you to:

• Define a list as a resource that can be re-used within a given topic

• Specify a minimum and maximum number of items to include each time an article is created with the bullet point list

• Randomly select from the available list items the ones to include each time the list is used

• Randomly order the list items

See what we did there? Wasn't that a lot nicer than if we had just jammed all of that into a paragraph? 

And these aren't just text characters. We create an actual HTML Unordered List <ul> with List Items <li>, which signals to Google that your article has special rich HTML content. Together, these capabilities allow you to create stunningly beautiful rich HTML articles, with spun bullet point lists that don't all look and sound the same, and that Google knows users are going to love.

Content Curation

Including curated content in an article helps make an article more "relevant" in the eyes of search engines by quoting and linking to other related web pages. Spinjutsu Studio Pro features the worlds FIRST 100% automated content curation engine, that can quote content from a source, insert it into your article in a well-formatted, nice-looking manner and properly credit the source.  (Use only in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.)

Content Sources

Rank Rocket™ is fully implemented with Spinjutsu Studio Pro's own modular content library, and partially implemented with our ArticleBuilder integration.  We actually inject additional HTML elements into the middle of ArticleBuilder articles that we retrieve through our integration, thus transforming "plain text" ArticleBuilder articles into something much more powerful for backlink creation.


Spinjutsu Studio Pro's industry-exclusive Rank Rocket™ technology can help improve your SEO results by allow you to create - en masse for your backlinks, if desired - the kind of rich HTML articles that Google prefers, and that have been proven through empirical testing to have improved ranking power over plain text.

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