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About Spinning

One of the many different types of SEO tools that you're sure to hear about at some point in the course of your SEO career is an article spinner. Although such tools have gotten a bit of a bad rap, that's only because people have a tendency to be lazy in how they use them. The tools themselves can produce extremely high-quality content worthy of any home page when used correctly. What's more, they can actually improve the overall effectiveness of your ability to communicate with customers. 

Next, I’ll explain the role of an article spinner, spintax generator and other related tools when carrying out Search Engine Optimization.

Article Spinner

An article spinner, also referred to as a word spinner or text spinner, allows you to take some text and produce multiple variations of the original utilizing a special sort of encoding referred to as "spintax". Whenever we mention an article spinner, however, it’s important to know that there are really two distinct pieces to this. At times they are bundled into a single product for convenience, though they aren’t fundamentally dependent upon each other.

The first is the spintax generator, that encodes a normal text document using spintax.  

The second is a spintax processor, that’s capable of taking a spintax-encoded document and producing new variations from it. We’re going to talk about all of these things, as well as the reason why I differentiate between them, below.

What Is Spintax?

Spintax is a way of encoding a document with alternative words or phrases, like this:

"My coffee is {too|very|scalding} hot."

When this spintax is processed inside of a spinner, the spinner will randomly select one of the values inside the curly braces.

Spintax can become very complex and may be nested as many as 6 or more levels deep.

Most tools use curly braces to denote that the spintax processor should work on what's contained within, but there are some that use square brackets instead, like [this|that].

Spintax Generator

A spintax generator is a computer program that makes it possible for the user to input normal text content and encode it into alternative phrases and words that’ll be made use of afterwards to produce a brand new, unique article which may be very similar to the original in insofar as its meaning, but that uses alternative words and sentence structures. Often people may use the phrase spintax generator when referring to software solutions that accomplish this in a totally automatic process. If quality matters, many SEO professionals employ some minimum amount of manual spinning to make sure a satisfactory level of quality in the resulting spun documents.

A spintax generator usually is designed to create spintax that closely mirrors the original content in meaning. This is a disadvantage over manual spintax creation by a human, in which branching logic can be used in the spintax so that the articles ultimately created by the user can have very different meanings.

Text Spinner

The term text spinner is sometimes taken to refer to a spintax generator. However, it could also refer to a system that’s able to take a spintax document and producing a new piece of content as a result. The majority of text spinners function on the idea of being provided a single segment of spintax that they handle. It’s possible to create incredibly complex super-spun documents that are able to produce large volumes of unique variations, but the spintax files can be so enormous that adjusting them can be a big problem. Many SEO pros feel Spinjutsu is in fact the sole desktop text spinner to employ modular spintax, which makes it feasible to generate vast quantities of new, unique articles even though the spintax itself remains small and quickly edited.

Content Spinner

The capability to spin other kinds of media such as pictures makes a content spinner different from a text spinner.

Image Spinner

An image spinner like Spinjutsu Studio Pro can take a whole directory of photos and implement randomization across their different attributes including their meta-data and file name. Spinjutsu permits the user to supply a selection of keywords. These are subsequently transformed using one of numerous naming formats in order to change the names of all pictures in the chosen directory while avoiding patterns.

GPS Spinning

The process of GPS spinning refers to randomly producing a set of GPS coordinates within a supplied distance and encoding them into a photo. This is widely considered to boost local SEO by illustrating geographical significance. Spinjutsu is the sole PC-based computer program with this functionality.

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