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Invisibility Browser™

The Spinjutsu Invisibility Browser™ with Deep Cover Technology™ helps you deal with Big Tech's constant invasive probing of your system so you can carry out your SEO like a ninja and hide in plain sight. Most people have no idea that their own browser is one of their worst enemies and that, as delivered, most modern browsers leak information about your system that can be used to uniquely identify you... even if you're Incognito, using privacy mode, turned off WebRTC, and done all the other things that people tell you to do. 

Why This Matters

If you're doing any kind of link building, that's against Google's terms of service. Sometimes when people get caught, their websites are de-indexed. If their offenses are bad enough, their entire account could be deleted. Or, perhaps more insidiously, if they figure out that you're trying to be sneaky, they may simply let you think that you're getting away with it and silently punish you without you even knowing it. So you keep creating blogs and building links without seeing improvement in your rank and wonder why it isn't working. And so what I want you to consider is that maybe they knew it was you all along.

To make things worse, there are websites that tell you that you're 100% anonymous when your exact system is still usually easily identified from all others!  And it's not just one company trying to track you. Some of them actually pool their data so that it's easier for all of them.

In fact, if you want to avoid being fingerprinted, there are a number of very specific things that you need to do. Not one single mainstream browser does these things out of the box. They all require special customizations and/or add-ons.

When we looked at some of the common misconceptions people have in SEO forums, we knew that we needed to do something to make it easy for people to combat the threat that big tech's constant probing poses. While there are some great SEO-oriented browsing solutions on the market that we love, their price tag may put them out of reach for beginning SEO's. So we set about coming up with a way to help SEO's guard their identity while keeping the cost to a minimum, and we succeeded.

Deep Cover Technology™

Developed by a former Certified Ethical Hacker, our Deep Cover Technology™ helps you look like someone ELSE. We work with your system Firefox browser and apply over 120 setting changes from the default configuration and utilize specialized plugins. 

While the most recent versions of Firefox do feature an "anti-fingerprinting" mode, it's in beta and, when we tested it, it set off an immediate red-flag with anonymity checkers over a time zone conflict. In other words, they immediately detected that something funny was going on with the browser. 

Our own unique approach doesn't have this problem. If you use Invisibility Browser correctly, each profile you create will seem to be on a different machine than your other profiles because each one will have its own unique but persistent canvas fingerprint. We customize over 120 different settings in the browser to help mask your "real" identity while creating the appearance that everything is completely normal.

Persona Manager

image showing different personas

The magic starts in Persona Manager, where you can define the different identities that you work with online. Whether these are clients that you do work for, or avatars or minions that you use with different IFTTT rings or syndication networks doesn't matter. It's just a place for you to store all of your information about an identity.

This includes not only all of their bio information, but the details for all of their different blog credentials etc. Want to log into a certain avatar's Wordpress?  A quick click is all it takes - Invisibility Browser will load that profile and browse straight to that specific site.

With a single click, Persona Manager can create an Invisibility Browser customized profile associated with a specific persona. If you've already entered the proxy details into the persona record, it will even automatically configure the Firefox profile to use that proxy.

Working with different personas online and managing their data has never been this easy!

Invisibility Browser™

Invisibility Browser™ runs on top of your system Firefox to give you a more secure browsing experience tailored for the specific needs of SEO. You see, when you're doing SEO, you do not want to be anonymous. That sets all sorts of red flags. Instead, your goal should be to hide in plain sight. You want to look as much like everyone else as possible, just not like you. When you are working with a persona, you want to have a consistent experience with persistent identification data.

We accomplish this through heavy modification to the browser's default settings as well as the use of specialized plugins with our special configurations ready for you to load. 

image of a secure browser

Wrapping Up

Privacy is a never-ending battle that requires constant vigilance. Big tech wants to track your every move. Search engines are watching you like a hawk because they don't want you doing anything against their rules. Other companies want to figure out how to profit by studying your personal habits. When you're doing SEO, you want to be able to carry out your work without them ever being the wiser. Everything you do should just look... normal. And that's what Invisibility Browser™ is designed to help with.

It is an experimental offering being made available as part of the public beta of Spinjutsu Studio Pro.

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