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Automated Content Curation

Curating has never been faster or easier than with the fully automated content curation engine of Spinjutsu Studio Pro that can produce a completely finished curated article in about two seconds. Unlike other content curation tools that still leave you still having to write the document yourself, we truly fully automate the entire creation process. We create the introduction, provide additional material around the subject, create a lead-in and quote an industry blog while providing proper credit, and finish things off with a conclusion. All of that happens with the simple push of a button – and you can even use our automation tool to supply your blogs with a steady stream of curated content on an on-going basis!

It’s so simple to use that all you have to do is first provide a list of RSS feeds from which you’d like to curate (and have legal right to do so – a condition in our terms), and simply check the box indicating that you want your created article(s) to be curated.

What Is Content Curation

Content curation is the process of creating a piece of content that contains content from other sources – giving them due credit – while presenting your own unique view on a subject. Once upon a time, this had to be performed manually. Depending on the complexity of the desired end-result, a very skilled professional accustomed to doing the work might be able to create a curated article in as little as twenty minutes. Spinjutsu can do it in a couple of seconds.  

Why Would I Want To Curate Content

There are two main reasons that people curate content instead of simply writing their own traditional blog post from scratch:

1. It’s often faster than writing your own completely independent work, since part of your piece consists of content already written by other people;

2. It creates relevance within your industry for your blog by referencing other well-known blogs that search engines already like.

How Does Automated Content Curation Work

The Spinjutsu Studio Pro curation tool will randomly choose one of the RSS feeds that you’ve provided, select a post in that feed, and then select a paragraph within that post. We then use special tokenized spintax to reference the source and author while quoting the chosen paragraph in the article that Spinjutsu creates for you. The curated paragraph is randomly inserted as either the second or third paragraph. Our quoting logic also has many different formats for exactly how the source is cited so you’ll get a lot of variety and avoid patterns. In just a few seconds, depending on your Internet speed, you'll have a finished, curated piece of content that properly credits the source. This can be even be fully automated to keep your IFTTT networks supplied with an on-going, steady stream of drip-fed curated content.

The list of feeds is defined at the subcategory level. To give an example, we have a top-level category of digital marketing, with such subcategories as SEO and Web Design. In that example, SEO and Web Design would each have their own different list of RSS feeds that you can define so that you are able to be as precise as you’d like.

If you use ArticleBuilder, you can now inject curated content right into ArticleBuilder articles!  All you need to do is enter the list of feed URL's that you want to use for curation in your project, check the box, and the software does everything else for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Automated Content Curation

Though we’ve mentioned some of the benefits of automating your content curation already, sometimes it helps to call them out:

1. You can create a curated article in a couple of seconds. The exact time needed depends on your PC, Internet connection, speed of the remote host, etc. Even if you then manually adjust the final piece to your liking before posting, this cuts your production time way down from the 20-30 minute industry average;

2. Curated content helps increased the relevance of the blogs on which it’s posted by referencing other blogs within the same industry;

3. It’s less work than creating an article of the same length from complete scratch.

Is Content Curation Legal

We aren’t lawyers and can’t provide legal advice, so we can’t answer that question. All we can say is that it probably depends on exactly what you do and how you do it. People are curating content all over the web every single day without a problem, but you could also potentially do it the wrong way and get in trouble. That's why we're completely transparent about our curation process so that you can ensure that you use it in a legal manner.

Are There Any "Cons"

Any time you completely automate something, there's a potential for things not to come out how you intended. Some potential issues with automated content curation include:

1. The quoted content may say something that contradicts your normal view on a subject;

2. The quoted content may say something inflammatory or otherwise be of such a nature as to provoke unwanted social reaction and/or result in criminal and civil legal proceedings against you;

3. The quoted content may simply not make sense within the context of the article;

4. You may not like the wording of the spintax modules used to construct the final piece. In such case, you are welcome to edit them to say whatever you want. When using Spinjutsu manually, if you don’t like the way something reads, all you have to do is push a button and you’ll get a brand-new curated article in a couple of seconds.

Most of these potential issues are easily mitigated by being careful about the feeds that you use for curation and looking at their typical content before using them. If you want to be completely safe, you can also create your OWN feeds to curate from so you have complete control over the content.

It's always a good idea to consult your attorney about any legal questions or concerns you have, since this is just a tool that could be used in any number of ways. It's up to you to be sure you follow all applicable laws and regulations.

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