Spinjutsu Studio Pro

HTML Website Creation

Create a multi-page HTML website with a tiered linking structure in seconds and publish it live on AWS.  Creating buffer sites has never been this simple!  Can source from the Content Library or ArticleBuilder.

KML File Creation

Create a KML file loaded full of highly-relevant content, ready to upload into your custom Google Map and drive your relevancy through the roof.

Automation Enhancements

Automation will be enhanced to include the creation and publication of Google Drive documents, and PDF and HTML documents on Amazon S3.


Curate authority blogs and your own money-site blog in the same article together with the push of a button.  Great for IFTTT networks!

Curate from Other Sources

Curate articles using content from other sources that we integrate with.  (Currently you can only curate for topics in our Content Library.)

Content Library

HTML-formatted bullet lists are next, and we’re exploring a “Facts & Figures” capability.  Content subscription plan members will receive content for our niches.  

SyndWire "Spin-Off"

Create a “spin-off” which is a short traditional spintax document you can use in SyndWire or other similar tools.

DISCLAIMER:  Items above represent areas of investigation and do not represent a firm business commitment to provide such functionality.

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