Image Spinner

The Spinjutsu Studio Pro image spinner enables you to randomize various attributes of an entire directory of images all at once, and embed specific or locally-randomized GPS coordinates in the process.

Why Spin Images

The reason you might want to spin images is to improve their relevance by adjusting the filename and other metadata so they are laser-focused for your scenario.  For example, if you had a directory of generic plumbing images and had a plumbing client, you could modify those images so they use the brand and actual keywords.  In the case of a local business like a home service trade or restaurant, GPS coordinates create an additional layer of relevance.

How It Works

This is an overview of what the Spinjutsu image spinner does:

  1. Act on all files in the directory chosen by the user;
  2. Rename every file using one of the supplied target keywords in one twelve different, randomly-chosen naming formats, so there is no pattern in the resulting filenames, while achieving an even distribution of the keywords in the resulting file set;
  3. Set the image title/subject to the chosen keyword;
  4. Optionally set GPS coordinates at either a specific chosen location, or at a random location within a user-designated radius;
  5. Optionally spin user-supplied spintax and place this into the picture comments.  Such spintax can include anything you might want such as URL’s or NAP for Local SEO;
  6. Optionally remove all pre-existing metadata.
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