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Spinjutsu Studio Pro

Our flagship product features:

  • 100% Automated Content Curation
  • Image Spinner with GPS coordinate spinning
  • Automated RSS Feed Creation
  • Content Library

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Spinjutsu Spintax Accelerator

Springboard your spintax creation.  Features:

  • Push-button simplicity
  • Import & export dictionary
  • Create and customize your own dictionary
  • Preloaded for digital marketing

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Spinjutsu Spintax Toolset

The “lite” version of our Pro edition features:

  • Standard spintax processor
  • List to spintax converter
  • YouTube multi-video URL spinner
  • iFrame spintax creator for video embeds

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Spinjutsu Studio Pro

Spinjutsu Studio Pro is our flagship product featuring a modular spintax article spinner and image spinner with RSS and IFTTT automation capabilities for hassle-free automated content creation and publication across a broad spectrum of Web 2.0 properties – and that’s just the beginning.

Automated Content Curation

You read that right – Spinjutsu provides 100% fully automated content curation for those niches in our content library, or any that you add yourself.  All you have to provide is the list of blogs that you want to curate content from, and Spinjutsu will create a curated article that quotes and references another source as part of your own unique article (read disclaimer).

Article Spinner

Create and publish articles across a variety of formats and publication systems from one platform.  Spinjutsu’s modular spintax processing engine is capable of producing factorially more unique articles with the exact same amount of spintax as traditional spintax processes. In plain English, that means you can generate a vastly greater number of articles than through traditional methods – with the exact same amount of spintax!  (Grab our free spintax tutorial to read more about this.)  Spinjutsu focuses on top quality content worthy of your highest distribution tiers.

Document Control

Enjoy a new level of power with not only being able to create complete documents with images, but also having complete control over what’s in the introductions, conclusions, and everything in-between.  All modules can be edited, and each project can have a predefined set of spintax to be globally applied to all documents in the project, thus allowing you to ensure that any/all documents include any particular text you need such as iFrames, video embeds, or NAP information for local businesses.  Your settings will be automatically applied to all documents created in batch mode or when using the RSS feed updater.

RSS Feed Creation & Posting for IFTTT

IFTTT network operators who use social blog networks for content syndication know that keeping those networks supplied with new content is a real challenge.  Unless your plan is to just repost other people’s images and content and hope you don’t get caught with legal and financial consequences (read our disclaimer), you need a solution to supply these networks with content that you have the right to use.  Spinjutsu solves this problem once and for all by allowing you to create your very own RSS feeds and then automatically post new content to them like clockwork.  You can publish your feeds to your AWS S3 buckets or FTP server.  Supply the link to IFTTT and your blogs will be updated with new content regularly.  We’ve even got you covered with images licensed under the Creative Commons license so you can start publishing immediately.

Backlink Inclusion

You can include hyperlinks in your articles and documents through one of several means.  The simplest and first method is to enter anchor text and link targets and let the software randomly insert links.  The second method is to edit the spintax modules and insert links wherever you want them.  Finally, you can use the static text box to apply a set of spintax to the bottom of every article created within the project.

Combined with automatic RSS feed publication, this means you can continually create new links on a recurring basis with top quality content, on any networks supported by IFTTT – without the additional cost of a link building tool.

Link Broadcast

Have a new page or website and want to get the word out?  Spinjutsu’s scheduler allows you to send out a one-time content broadcast with special settings to all your project’s RSS feeds, thus allowing you to push content (with links and embeds) to your IFTTT networks on their natural posting schedule.

Image Spinner

Spin image filenames and metadata for all files in a given directory, using a list of user-supplied search terms. To avoid patterns, the exact filenames are randomized using twelve different naming formats.

GPS Spinning

Supply a set of GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude), along with an optional radius, and Spinjutsu will assign random GPS coordinates within that radius to all images in a given directory.  Combined with optimizing filenames and other metadata, this increases the geographic relevance of your images.

Footprint Control

We went to great lengths to randomize practically anything that could be.  Just a few examples include random fonts and font sizes in PDF documents, header levels, and randomly ordering CSS style specifications in HTML documents.  Images are styled with random sizes, and randomly selected and ordered attributes for their borders, margins and padding, resulting in a high degree of variety.


Each project can have its own settings.  This way, all you have to do is select a project and you are immediately able to create documents of the preferred document format (see below) in the categories you prefer, with its own settings for how to include links and any special text you may want to ensure is always present at the bottom.  Configure folders in S3 and you can upload straight into them.  Associate a BrowSEO profile with a project and that particular profile will be used if you launch the browser to publish your document.

Content Library

Spinjutsu’s primary focus is on content to help digital marketers and SEO professionals run their own business, and includes content for several other popular industries as well.  All Spinjutsu content is professionally written by extremely qualified professional writers who speak English as their native language.  All content areas for Spinjutsu include a minimum of ten topical areas, meaning that Spinjutsu is capable of producing trillions of unique documents from a single set of content due to our modular processing technology.  With multiple content sets, the number of versions that can be produced is astronomical.  Read More


Export Formats

Spinjutsu isn’t just about spinning – it’s about letting you do more with your documents.  Spinjutsu Studio Pro allows you to turn your spun articles into a variety of different document formats with the push of a button.

image of RTF logo

Rich Text Format (RTF)

RTF is a widely compatible format able to be edited in a large number of programs such as Microsoft Word, Libre Office, and OpenOffice.
image of PDF logo

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Save your article as a PDF document.
image of Microsoft Word icon

Microsoft Word

Save your article – picture included – as a Microsoft Word document (Microsoft Word not included.)
image of Microsoft Word icon


Create fully-functional HTML pages and save them as live web pages in AWS (AWS not included.)
All formats can be used in batch mode, meaning that you can created hundreds or even thousands at a time for use in tools like FCS Networker etc.


Spinjutsu Studio Pro features integrations that enable you to publish beautiful documents in ways that have previously not been available in any tool.

image of Microsoft Word icon

Amazon Web Services

Upload created HTML and PDF documents directly into a predesignated folder in your Amazon Web Services S3 account with the push of a button.

Google Drive

Create Google Doc files – with images – using Google’s native API, and then automatically populate the metadata with your predefined, spinnable data.
image of Microsoft Word icon


Associate a particular BrowSEO profile with your project in Spinjutsu, and with the push of a button BrowSEO will launch using that specific profile with all of its cookies and login information, and take you straight to one of many different popular Web 2.0 sites like Blogger, WordPress, or Medium so you can publish your content in a matter of seconds.  (BrowSEO not included.)
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