Populate RSS Feeds with Spinjutsu

Many people use RSS feeds as a source of content for their blog networks.  The way that often works is using a service such as IFTTT to automatically repost content onto your own blog from somebody else’s when their RSS feed is updated.  As you can imagine, that can potentially not only get your blogs banned, but it can create serious legal and financial problems for you from having used images and/or text content without permission.

One reason that many people take this risk is they don’t understand the potential consequences.  In many cases, though, it’s because there previously haven’t been any easy answers to keeping IFTTT or blog networks updated with a regular stream of fresh content.   Spinjutsu has solved that problem by allowing users to create and publish their own RSS feeds and then keep them automatically updated with fresh content.  That may sound like a big claim, but it’s exactly what we’ve done.

Users have two different ways to publish their feeds.  The simplest is to let the system do it for you on Amazon S3.  Just supply your API credentials (it’s easy to set up, don’t worry) and create your folder (“bucket” in their terms) and let Spinjutsu keep your feeds updated on a regular basis.  Once it’s set up, you don’t have to do anything – it all happens like clockwork.  If you prefer, you can also upload them to an FTP or SFTP server, but if you go this route just make sure that wherever you’re uploading them to doesn’t automatically clean out the upload folder.  S3 has fewer potential problems, it’s dirt-cheap, and they have a special plan where you can get an entire year for free.

Tell IFTTT where to find your RSS feed and you’re done!  Spinjutsu will keep it updated with new posts, and IFTTT (or other method of your choice) will handle all of the syndication for you.

Stock RSS Feed Content

The stock RSS feed content is created using the Spinjutsu content library and images made available under the Creative Commons license.  This means that you can safely create as many posts with images in your RSS feeds as you want without having to worry about the potential problems of using someone else’s content or images.  We are exploring integration with other content sources for users that may need content in niches outside of what the Spinjutsu content library includes.

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