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Did you know that there are tons or low-competition keywords? Get more free traffic to your websites by improving your relevance for more keywords while improving your overall content and metadata diversity by taking turning a list of related things into spintax. Just a few examples for how to use it include spinning keywords, anchor text, URL variations, zip codes for embedded image metadata, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

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Did you know that search engines don't allow link-building, and that they'll de-index you if you break their rules? If you aren't spinning video embeds then you're leaving a trail of breadcrumbs all over the Internet! Instead, you need to scramble your embed codes into multiple different versions and even spin multiple videos together. And you're just a minute or two away from being able to do it with one simple click!

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You don't ALWAYS have to create every single article from scratch. Spintax is the ultimate weapon for creating high-quality content for your blogs and backlinks. With the Spintax Toolset, you can quickly and easily create and edit spintax documents capable of generating hundreds of unique versions. And it's as easy as clicking a button to generate a brand new article whenever you want one!

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I’m Brian Dunn, SEO, software developer, enterprise IT expert and former Certified Ethical Hacker. Since 2001, I’ve been creating cutting-edge software and even won the prestigious State of Florida Davis Productivity Award. I spent most of my career running large enterprise multi-million dollar IT organizations, and in 2014 I started my own company so I could focus on developing leading-edge software solutions and bringing them to the people that need them most: people just like you who want to create a better financial future through digital marketing.

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