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About Spinjutsu Studio Pro

How can Spinjutsu Studio Pro help me?

Spinjutsu rapidly accelerates content creation and publication while maintaining a very high degree of quality, while enabling users to leverage the free IFTTT service to keep their social networks supplied with fresh content.  Key integrations provide capabilities that have never previously existed in any desktop tool, while our modular spintax methodology enables users to produce vastly more unique documents using existing spintax.  You can either use the tool ad-hoc to create a new document and publish it immediately, or you can spend your time doing other things while Spinjutsu’s automation engine automatically creates new articles and publishes them to RSS feeds.  Read more about our features and capabilities here.

Who would benefit from Spinjutsu?

Almost any SEO or digital marketing professional that needs to create and publish quality content.  By taking a traditional spintax document and simply pasting its paragraphs into Spinjutsu modules, you will be able to create a vastly greater number of unique articles than would have otherwise been possible.  Our image and GPS spinning capabilities help reduce footprints while increasing the relevance of your images.

What is the current status of Spinjutsu?

Spinjutsu initial software development has concluded, and the application is now under-going use-case testing and requirements validation before entering beta testing.  You may also be interested in our development roadmap.

Is Spinjutsu a link building tool?

Spinjutsu can be used to create backlinks as follows:

  1. Let the automation tool publish content to your own RSS feeds on a drip-feeding scheduling, which your IFTTT networks (that you provide) then automatically detect and repost for you;
  2. Create a piece of content on-demand, click the quick-access button to take you straight into WordPress, Tumblr etc., paste in the article, make any desire adjustments, and click the publish button;
  3. Use the API to provide content to other PC-based link building tools such as SEO AutoPilot;
  4. Create and publish Google Docs and populate metadata with pre-configured (spinnable) values;
  5. Create and publish HTML and PDF documents in AWS.

Spinjutsu focuses on helping you be more productive and successful by filling gaps in the market and enabling you to do things that otherwise wouldn’t be possible rather than competing in markets where there are already fine solutions.

How many different article versions can I create?

We hired two professional mathmeticians to be sure we got the answer to this question right.  With a typical set of content we provide for a niche, Spinjutsu Studio Pro can generate in the range of 4,492,236,814,558,787,941,553,941,984,051,200 different articles.  It’s actually more than that when you figure in the introductions and conclusions, and if you use the push-button content curation capability in Spinjutsu Studio Pro, it’s effectively infinite since there will always be new content available to curate.  We don’t rest on our laurels, though, and plan to offer a content subscription plan to continue adding not only content diversity but entirely new content capabilities not found in any other application.

Are you competing against …?

Spinjutsu was created specifically to fill voids in the market, provide functionality that didn’t previously exist in a desktop application, and make other tools even more powerful by giving you flexibility and options you wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Is there a web version?

Not at this time.  Spinjutsu was intentionally created as a desktop application in order to leverage API’s and achieve a degree of integration that would not be possible with a web-based application.

Is Spinjutsu a spintax generator?

We believe in creating and publishing top-quality documents.  Our Spintax Accelerator product takes a text document that you supply and replaces specific terms with spintax.  This done based on a user-definable dictionary of words and their spintax replacement sets to be used.  This is not intended to serve the same role as a completely hands-off spintax generator since we only process items in the dictionary.  Our goal is to create a document with an extremely high degree of quality and predictability in the output, which you can then perform any additional processing on to suit your needs.

What content is included?

Spinjutsu Studio Pro comes with a content library focusing on specific industries, capable of producing an astronomical number of unique documents.  An optional content subscription program may be offered as well in order to provide additional content on a regular basis, at prices far lower than you’d expect to pay for quality spintax.  You can also leverage your existing ArticleBuilder subscription to create an article, inject your own custom spintax blurb (for linking, iFrames, video embeds, NAP, etc.), and then either publish it as any type of document we support – including automated creation and publication to your RSS feeds.

How many installations can I have?

Most applications allow 2 installations for the same named user.


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