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How To Escape Your SEO Squirrel Cage

Spinning Your Wheels Getting Nowhere? What If Doing What Everyone Else Says Is Part Of The Problem?

Are You Tired Of Spinning Your Wheels Getting Nowhere?

How much time and money have you wasted doing what everyone else says only to get nowhere? How about buying backlinks from a "5-star" provider only to find that what you actually got were dodgy links with low-quality content, and now you're stuck with them polluting your backlink profile until the end of time itself?

Stop putting your money site at risk! By creating small test sites, you can test out new providers or new SEO techniques and see if they really work, before you go to all of the time and trouble of doing it at a larger scale for your money site.

This Simple But Highly-Effective Strategy Enables You To Take Back Control So You Can...

Rank Higher

You can rank higher when you have clarity about what actually works, and you avoid doing things that could hurt your website.

Eliminate Frustration

Don't spin your wheels feeling like you're going nowhere. By knowing what works, you'll feel empowered again.

Get Your Life Back

Time is your most precious resource. Don't waste it doing things that don't even work.  

This Solution Is For People Who...

  • Don't know every little thing there is to know about SEO

  • Don't know with 100% certainty that something works, or if it might even hurt your site

  • Use SEO tools and want to experiment with them before risking their money-site

  • Buy backlinks or other SEO services, and want to test the quality before using it on their money-site

  • Hear ideas from other people and want to find out if they're legit

  • Want to rank higher in Google, and want to test what works and what doesn't

  • Feel frustrated by blinding following others

  • May not be getting the results they want, and want to know why

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    The English Ipsum HTML Page Creator gives you the power to know what works.

  • Stop guessing what does or doesn't work in SEO. Get the power to know for sure.

  • Easily test new SEO products and services without putting your money site at risk from dodgy links.

  • Includes a full 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee!

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    30 day RISK-FREE money-back guarantee

    You're getting an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, so try it completely risk-free for 30 days! I created this tool to make my own life easier, and I hope it does the same for you. But if you aren't completely satisfied, just send us a support ticket and we'll refund your money.

    Try it Now - It's 100% Risk-Free!

    Here's How It Works:

    Step 1: Create Site

    Create and publish your test site to AWS.  Then submit to webmaster tools & get it indexed.

    Step 2: Run Test

    Send your backlinks to a test page and a "control" page to compare the results.

    Step 3: Check Results

    Monitor your page's rank over time to see the affect of the test vs. the "control".

    Following this simple 3-step process, you'll be able to eliminate uncertainty and know what works.


  • Create and publish a complete test site in just 1-2 minutes.

  • Designed for Windows 10. 

  • Commercial license included. 

  • No quota on how many sites you can create.

  • Lifetime license includes a second install for your VA or VPS.

  • DEMO: Watch me create a LIVE test site in just 43 seconds!

    image of brian dunn

    From: Brian Dunn, PMP

    RE: Why it's CRITICAL that you start running your own SEO tests

    Don't Risk Your Money Site!

    A while ago I was faced with a problem that may sound a little familiar.

    I was in a lot of different Facebook groups. 

    I'd been in some SEO masterminds and been trained by some of the best.

    And yet every time I turned around, there was always some new theory about the ranking algorithm.

    And people didn't always agree with each other. In fact, all too often, even experts have different theories.

    But theories don't help you rank.

    I was in a situation where I really needed to know if certain things were a ranking factor or not.

    I couldn't afford to guess and get it wrong. I needed 100% confidence in my answer.

    And I knew that the only way to do that was to follow the Scientific Method. I had to set up a proper test.

    The problem is that's a whole lot of work if you're doing it yourself by hand.

    So I created my own tool so that I'd be able to quickly throw up test sites and see what worked and what didn't.

    And in the process, I discovered some ranking tricks that blew me away -- things I'd never have known otherwise.

    And then I realized that I could also use these test sites to find out if vendors were going to send me low-quality spam.

    Why would I risk sending garbage links to my money-site, if I had a way to test them first?

    That's when it really dawned on me that using these kinds of sites to test new products and services is a lot like insurance.

    Nobody needs it until something bad happens.

    And then they're either glad they have it, or they're kicking themselves in the pants for not getting it.

    Don't risk your money-site with unproven vendors or tools.

    Get the English Ipsum HTML Test Site Creator, and take back control.









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     image of brian dunn

    I’m Brian Dunn, SEO, software developer and former Certified Ethical Hacker. Since 2001, I’ve been creating cutting-edge software. I need to run a lot of SEO tests, so I created this tool to make my own life easier. I believe it will do the same thing for you.

    Now, I always use it if I need to test what kind of quality a new SEO vendor providers. Sometimes people with "5-star" ratings can still send you a lot of low-quality spam. Always test them out before ever sending someone else's links to your money site!

    Thanks for visiting - see you in the member's area!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a cloud app or does it run on my PC?

    We want you to be able to use it without having to worry about credits or usage limitations, so we designed it so you can install it on your own Windows-based computer. Build as many test sites as you like :)

    How does the random word feature work?

    We string together phonetic chunks to create a fake word. You choose how long you want the words to be!

    How does Google validation work?

    Following our simple 2-page guide with screenshots, you create a Custom Search Engine in Google (we tell you how, it's easy!) and put your own API key into the software. Then, the software will automatically check all random words to be sure they have NO search results so that when you publish your test site, you won't have any competing pages!

    What does the AWS integration do?

    We perform a series of configuration steps in both S3 and Route 53, using the API key that you create following our step by step videos that walk you through exactly what to do. When you publish a site to AWS, the S3 URL's will be immediately live on the Internet!  All you have to do is change your DNS servers at your registrar to what the software tells you.  (That's an AWS requirement.)

    What else do I need to use the software? Will it cost me anything?

    The whole point of the application is to be able to create and publish a site with a single click.  You need a Google account and to create a Custom Search Engine and API key, as well as an AWS account and API key. Both vendors have free usage tiers that you can read about on their websites. You could bypass search engine validation and not use AWS, but you'll have to publish your site manually and check the words by hand. Wouldn't you rather just click Run > Wizard and be done?

    Do I need to buy domains?

    We recommend using cheap $0.99 domains in most cases, but they aren't strictly necessary. You can technically just use the direct S3 links the software creates.

    Why is it called English Ipsum?

    Because it sounds cooler than "English Gibberish" :) You may have heard of Lorem Ipsum, which is a set of Latin text still in use today as a means of displaying text so that you can see what something is going to look like in print, without the words themselves distracting the viewer. People later created Lorem Ipsum generators to create random Latin text. Our English Ipsum content generator strings together words randomly chosen from among the top 500 words in the English language to create nonsensical text content.

    What about the WordPress creator?

    It's in R&D now. We are still researching it and are 99% sure it's going to happen. Our goal is to produce a WordPress import file, that's like a specially encoded zip file of your pages that's structured so WordPress can interpret it and use it to create all of the pages for you automatically. We're also going to be raising the price, so buy now and you'll get the upgrade for free!

    Is this for on-page or off-page?

    The test sites are intended to allow you to test off-page SEO. On-page would vary too widely depending on your platform/CMS to create a tool that would do everything and it would be impossible to maintain since the plugins are constantly changing. In short, we'd have to charge a whole lot more. However, you do have certain options about how you structure the pages, subheadings etc. and you can always manually make any changes to the raw HTML pages before uploading, if there is something with on-page that you want to test.

    Why the huge discount?

    First, we believe that taking action is the key difference between success and failure and we want to reward people who go after what they want. Second, this is the initial release of the software and we want to collect more feedback from users about the features they want so we can continue to develop the software into an even better tool. The software is well-tested but we are calling it a BETA because we'd like more people to use the software and give us their feedback.

    Is it easy to use?

    YES! Watch the demo video above where we create and publish a complete live test site with a single click, in just 43 seconds. Click Run > Wizard, and you're done. It's like the creation of the "wheel" for SEO testing! It's never been this fast and easy to both create and publish a live website.

    What about foreign languages?

    You should be able to replace the word list with anything composed of valid Windows characters, in proper spintax format. The word creation process currently uses only English-based phonetics and it's a bit more complicated of a process creating the words, so it is not currently open to user customization. If there is sufficient demand, we'll evaluate the possibility of opening that up.

    The video talks about testing in a "lab" environment, what's that about?

    It is not a true "lab" because you are working with a live search engine, but the idea is to create test (or "lab") sites so that you can run ranking tests against those test sites instead of your money site. For safety, don't link to or from your production website with test sites. The beauty of this model with AWS is that there no connection with any of your normal hosting unless you put it there yourself. So we use the term "lab" because your test sites don't have a connection to your production websites and are thus theoretically isolated, at least in concept.

    What about indexing?

    You can either use fetch & render, or add the property to your search console and submit the sitemap which is now automatically created and uploaded for you, but you can use any other method you prefer as well.

    How fast is it?

    It depends on your computer and internet connection, but probably no more than 2 minutes from start to finish for a standard site. Obviously, bigger sites will take a little longer.


    DISCLAIMER: No results are guaranteed. Physical product images are for illustrative purposes only; software is delivered in a digital-only format. This product is not insurance and has nothing to do with insurance. It just enables you to run your own tests and draw your own conclusions. Use at your own risk.  AWS service not included. Custom Google search engine not included. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Google or Amazon Web Services. Google or Amazon trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Please read our other important disclaimers below.