Spinjutsu Spintax Tool Set for SEO Professionals

Spinjutsu is a unique content marketing software platform using special applications of modular spintax technology and content curation automation to produce high quality content extremely fast.  Whether your goal is to leverage existing intellectual property and get more out of your existing content, find new ways to connect with current or potential customers, or simply to feed your distribution network with fresh content, Spinjutsu can help in certain unique ways for which it is the only currently available solution on the market.  Spinjutsu provides several different capabilities all rolled into one extremely powerful Windows-based software suite that we’ll explore further.

Software Overview

Content Curation

Spinjutsu enables 100% fully automated content curation.  It is thought to be the only content marketing platform with this capability.  It is widely considered that the inclusion of curated content in a blog is a great way to increase topical relevance while demonstrating freshness to search engine algorithms.  By using the software’s content modules and a list of RSS or Atom feeds for which the user has obtained the legal right to use, the user can produce a piece of curated content in seconds.

True Spintax Power

The original purpose behind Spinjutsu was to unleash the true power of spintax through a modular format that would allow the random selection and ordering of paragraphs, rather than following a traditional linear flow to massive spintax documents.  We hired professional mathematicians to calculate just how many variations could be produced with the content we provide for a niche.  When we produce content for a niche, we generally include material for a minimum of 10 different topics.  Even without any spintax at all, by simply reordering the paragraphs, the number of possible combinations is 10!, which equals 3,628,800 documents.  If every single paragraph of every one of those 3.628 million order variations also has 512 possible versions, well, this is where the mathematicians begged us for mercy on the calculation and said it would be at least in the trillions.  (Disclaimer: We’re taking their word for it on this.)

We know that digital marketers often neglect their own needs, which is why the standard edition of Spinjutsu includes not only the software but also the content you need to produce trillions of pieces of very high quality content for Search Engine Optimization, web design, and internet marketing so that you can be immediately productive.

Image Spinner

A time-consuming chore for SEO professionals is image optimization, and Spinjutsu is here to help.  Give the software a directory containing images along with a list of keywords, and all the images will be randomly renamed using one of twelve different naming formats to ensure that every picture is renamed around one of your keywords while avoiding a particular pattern.  In addition to renaming the images, typical metadata can be stripped out with the new keyword added back into the metadata for those file formats that support it.  This makes it easier than ever to repurpose images in a way that boosts local relevance for new geographical areas.

GPS Coordinate Spinner

Spinjutsu’s GPS coordinate spinning and geotagging capabilities allow you to mass-populate images with randomized GPS coordinates.  If you give Spinjutsu a geographic target by providing its latitude and longitude coordinates, such as the center of a city, it will geotag images by randomly assigning latitude and longitude coordinates within a local radius, or simply put them all at the same location if you prefer.  Spinjutsu is thought to be the only software program available with such automated GPS spinning capabilities.  Combined with its other image modification capabilities, Spinjutsu is unmatched in its ability to optimize images for SEO.

BrowSEO Integration

We collaborated with the developers of BrowSEO to give you power like never before.  When you define a Project in Spinjutsu, you can associate one of your BrowSEO profiles with that project.  Then whenever you are creating documents, with a single click you can launch BrowSEO in that particular profile and be taken straight to a particular blog so you can post your just-created document.

Content Marketing for SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimization and website rankings is highly competitive.  That’s because the top spots in website rankings can often bring a substantial profit through the associated traffic.  It’s a simple fact that if there’s money to be had, other people will be actively trying to take those spots for themselves.  SEO has changed.  It’s no longer enough just to reach the top.  The freshness component of the search engine algorithms now requires that you put forth on-going effort to stay there.  While SEO is very complex, the content surrounding your backlinks is still one of the highest priorities.  To achieve good visitor metrics and achieve high quality scores with search engines, you need the kind of high quality unique content that Spinjutsu makes possible.

Spinjutsu Content Library

The Spinjutsu content library is a flexible framework consisting of categories, subcategories, and, at the lowest level, topics.  Additionally, each topic can have any number of modules within it that the software will randomly choose between.  By maintaining more topics than are needed to produce an article, and multiple module versions for each topic, an extraordinarily high number of content variations can be produced while keeping the spintax itself short and easy to work with.

To illustrate an example, if the category was Health and the subcategory was Nutrition, you might have a topic of Protein.  Within that topic might be multiple modules that each discusses the subject of protein from a different perspective.  For example, one might discuss the different types of protein while another might discuss how much is needed to support body-building.  The software will randomly choose only one of the available modules for a given topic.  Thus, by having multiple modules within multiple topics, a vastly larger number of unique outputs become possible while keeping each piece small and easily-edited.


Users of Spinjutsu have flexibility on how they include links in their created documents.  The static text box can be used to ensure that a specific set of spintax – or any text you like including iFrames – is always applied at the bottom of each produced document, allowing extremely fine-tuned control.  The software can also randomly place links within the body of the document using anchor text supplied by the user.  Finally, all spintax modules are fully editable by the user and can be modified by the user to support any linking strategy.


Because Spinjutsu can be used in several different scenarios, the software can include either a local graphical image or a remote image in its output, depending on the final output format.  This allows the user to either create documents that might be posted on blogs that contain an embedded remote image, or local documents such as a PDF where the image might need to be actually embedded into the document.  Designed for speed of use, the interface allows push-button simplicity to either randomly select a new image or randomly restyle the existing image.  Spinjutsu provides fully-automated, randomized CSS styling, with the individual CSS elements themselves even being randomized in their order of inclusion.

Content Subscription

Spinjutsu will launch with spintax content modules available for several industries including digital marketing services such as SEO, internet marketing, and website design, enabling a digital agency to begin immediately creating both general and curated content.  An optional paid content subscription plan is expected to be available to provide users with a steady stream of fresh content for both new and existing niches.  All of the content is developed specifically for Spinjutsu with a high level of quality.

Mass Production

Many popular blogging platforms allow the scheduling of content in advance.  Available in certain plan levels, Spinjutsu is able to mass-produce content with minimal user interaction required so you can make the best use out of your time.  With Spinjutsu, it’s simple to supply such automatic publishing with a steady stream of fresh content.

RSS for IFTTT Networks

If you have IFTTT networks, you already know that keeping them supplied with fresh, topically-relevant content that doesn’t get you in trouble is a challenge.   The biggest problem people probably run into is probably copyright infringement from the improper use of unlicensed images and written content.  This can not only get your blogs suspended but lead to financial and legal consequences.  Users of IFTTT networks also sometimes make the mistake of using feeds that have too much activity and end up spamming their own blogs, or, by never providing any unique content, make it obvious that their blog is pure spam.

We went back to the drawing board about IFTTT networks and created an approach to help users avoid those common bad practices.  Spinjutsu helps users turns their IFTTT networks into higher quality distribution platforms through an automated solution that allows users to drip-feed blogs using IFTTT to pull unique content from special RSS feeds that update on a specific schedule.  This capability is still in development and the release date hasn’t been set, but developers hope to make this feature available either at, or shortly after, the launch of the desktop client.


Spinjutsu doesn’t stop at just producing plain text.  It can export created documents containing graphics in different formats including PDF, RTF and Microsoft Word.  It can even create full HTML pages, with sub-headings in HTML content being randomly assigned one of several possible header levels, adjustable by the user.  Documents can be exported through native API’s to either Google Drive or Amazon S3.  Additional capabilities and integrations with other SEO tools are currently being actively pursued.

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